Obtain my top 5+ FREE downloads geared for STUDENTS here! Simply fill out this form and choose “My Top 5” link at the top of the next page!

1. Clinical Reasoning Questions To Develop Nurse Thinking: My most popular download! This essential template of nurse thinking breaks down clinical reasoning step by step so you can completely understand and APPLY it to practice!
2. Sepsis: Fundamental Reasoning Clinical Reasoning Case Study: Clinical Reasoning Case Studies that allow you to PRACTICE nurse thinking! Complete with blank student copy and fully developed answer key.
3. Sepsis: Rapid Reasoning Clinical Reasoning Case Study
4. Sepsis: Unfolding Reasoning Clinical Reasoning Case Study
5. THINK Like a Nurse! Practical Preparation for Professional Practice: Preview the preface, foreword, and introduction of my new book. Available for purchase only on KeithRN.
6. For Your Joy by John Piper: This is the only resource I did not write, but is the most important. Lasting joy cannot come from what we do, but who we know…

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