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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a brand-new nurse educator and I feel overwhelmed and underprepared for this role. What resources do you have that can help me?

A: I have been blogging for more five years. My posts are categorized to help you obtain information that can help you right away. I also wrote a book for nurse educators, Teach Students to Think like a Nurse, that can help you transform the way you teach. With this book, you can learn how develop nurse thinking with practical strategies for class and clinical settings.

Q: My students struggle to put the clinical picture together in clinical. What resources do you have that can help them think more like a nurse?

A: Clinical reasoning is the most important skill a student must master before graduating. Like any other nursing skill, it needs to be practiced. The case studies in KeithRN empower educators to practice nurse thinking by recognizing relevant clinical data and put the clinical picture together, just as a nurse does in practice.

Q: How can I decrease the amount of content I teach and be sure that students graduate well prepared for practice?

A: The student textbook, Think Like a Nurse, was written to help students deeply understand essential content, clinical reasoning, and practical strategies to transition successfully to real-world practice. This book is endorsed by Dr. Patricia Benner and has been successfully adopted by programs across the country. Contact for a faculty preview e-book copy.

Q: You have many different levels of case studies. What case study is best for fundamental or first-year students?

A: SKINNY Reasoning is the most concise level that also captures the essence of basic clinical reasoning to help fundamental and first-year students develop clinical judgment.

Q: What level of the case study is best for advanced students?

A: Though SKINNY Reasoning can be used for all levels of students, UNFOLDING Reasoning offers additional higher-level clinical reasoning questions plus an “unfolding” or change of status that students must recognize.

Q: I teach in the classroom and have only 15 to 20 minutes to implement active learning. What level of case study would be best?

A: SKINNY Reasoning. There are two parts –each only two pages – to make this your go-to level of case study when time is of the essence!

Q: My students struggle to understand the importance of holistic care and caring as a nurse. Do you have any resources that can help?

A: Clinical Dilemmas are concise case studies that address the importance of the “art” of nursing and holistic care using practice-based dilemmas derived from current clinical practice.

Q: How can I best prepare my students for the upcoming Next Generation NCLEX?

A: Students must be able to understand essential content, then reason with this information at the bedside. Practicing clinical reasoning through salient case studies will prepare your students for practice and the Next Generation NCLEX.

Q: How can I stop spoon-feeding adult learners and help them engage in the learning process?

A: Learning must be active and emphasize clinical reasoning. The case studies found on this website will empower any educator to implement active learning that will engage students in learning.

Q: Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee on your case studies and other clinical reasoning resources?

A: Absolutely! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase email within 30 days and your purchase will be promptly refunded.

Q: What is your return policy for a tangible product such as your case study workbooks?

A: Ship the book at your expense (USPS Media Mail is least expensive) to 3700 153rd Lane NW, Andover, MN 55304. Upon receipt, your credit card account will be credited the full purchase price.

Q: How quickly will I receive any products that are shipped?

A: To save you money on shipping all products default to USPS Media Mail. You should receive your resources in 3-7 days. You can also choose expedited shipping if time is of the essence.

Q: How do I access the electronic files after they are purchased?

A: Once payment is complete, the screen will refresh. In several seconds, the download links from the website will appear and you can immediately download the files. You will also receive a receipt with the email address that you entered that contains the download links as well. Check your spam filter if the email is not in your inbox after purchase.