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Keith Rischer, Ph.D., RN, CCRN, CEN is a nursing education innovator who merged his clinical and educational expertise to create clinical judgement resources that enable students to become active participants in the learning process.

As an author, nurse educator, and expert clinician with more than 35 years of experience, he is recognized as a thought leader on clinical judgment and its importance to modern nursing practice and patient outcomes.

He speaks widely at conferences and workshops across the United States and Canada on critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and strategies to close the theory-to-practice educational gap so graduates possess clinical judgment and are better prepared for both practice and Next Generation NCLEX.


Driven by a passion for empowering, inspiring, and educating the next generation of nurses, in 2012 Keith launched KeithRN to achieve his vision of transforming nursing education by reimagining how nursing is taught using educational best-practices.

KeithRN is now a leading resource of strategies and tools to support faculty teaching and strengthen student learning by bringing clinical realities to class through an emphasis on clinical reasoning using salient case-based scenarios.

Thousands of nurse educators have successfully used KeithRN’s innovative tools that emphasize clinical reasoning using real-world patient-focused scenarios. The outcome is graduates who are practice-ready and Next Generation NCLEX prepared.

KeithRN has presented his work at conferences and workshops across the United States and Canada with thousands of nurse educators who have successfully used his innovative tools that emphasize clinical reasoning using real-world patient scenarios.

“Using KeithRN’s clinical reasoning tools resulted in great success! The students loved it, I loved it, and my students felt much better prepared for patient care.”

-Rob Morris, RN, MSN, Nursing Faculty, College of the Sequoias, Visalia, California

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KeithRN Resources

  • Individual case studies (#25) on KeithRN emphasize clinical judgment so students are practice-ready and prepared for Next Generation NCLEX®.
  • All-Inclusive Membership: Access more than 110 clinical reasoning case studies with multiple levels of complexity plus faculty development webinars complete with CEs.
    • Obtain a no-obligation quote for a discounted departmental membership.
  • EDUCATOR textbook: Teach Students to Think Like a Nurse transform the way faculty teach in class and clinical settings.
  • STUDENT textbook: Think Like a Nurse, 2nd edition adopted by dozens of nursing programs across the country, helps students see how essential content, clinical reasoning, and practical strategies apply to real-world practice.
  • KeithRN Blog: Hundreds of blog topics on a wide range of topics to support educators to better prepare students for practice and licensure

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