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Resources that Develop Clinical Judgment

KeithRN Clinical Reasoning Case Studies

Prepare students for NextGen NCLEX and professional practice with innovative case studies that engage students in active learning to develop and practice clinical judgment skills.

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Think Like a Nurse Membership

Get unlimited access to all KeithRN faculty teaching and student learning resources including more than 100 KeithRN Clinical Reasoning Case Study topics.

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Collaborative Resources

KeithRN Clinical Reasoning Escape Rooms

Connect educational content to practice using an engaging active learning activity that develops student clinical judgment. KeithRN Clinical Reasoning Escape Rooms are a collaboration with Martha Johnson, RN, MSN of BreakoutRN.

Collaborative Resources represent a partnership between nurse innovators and KeithRN​ to provide the highest quality, innovative educational resources to better prepare students for practice.​

Faculty Guide to Develop Clinical Judgment

This concise workbook empowers educators to successfully teach using KeithRN Clinical Reasoning Case Studies and active learning best practices. Ready to use with practical classroom and clinical strategies succinctly outlined, allowing quick integration into courses.

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Teach Students to Think Like a Nurse

Learn practical strategies that integrate educational best practices so students develop clinical judgment. Also empowers new educators to successfully transition to academic practice.

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EDUCATOR-Teach Students to THINK Like a Nurse

Think Like a Nurse Textbooks

Three textbooks, with content that moves from basic to advanced, prepare students and new nurses to successfully transition to practice.

Volume I

Laying the Foundation for Professional Practice

Best suited for fundamental classes. Describes the essential attitudes and practical strategies necessary to thrive and grow personally and professionally in your nursing program. Additionally, discusses the values and ethics needed in the nursing profession.

Volume II

Building the Knowledge Base for Professional Practice

Emphasizes the practical use of the applied sciences of pathophysiology, pharmacology and how lab values relate to fluid and electrolyte balance. Includes practical guidance on nursing assessment to keep it concise yet comprehensive.

Volume III

Developing Clinical Judgment for Professional Practice

Shows how using knowledge and clinical reasoning skills lead to making accurate judgments when providing patient care. Numerous application activities and specific strategies to successfully transition to practice.

Reviews from Nurse Educators

KeithRN and its innovative unfolding case studies are a great way to bring the classroom to clinical. The first time I did a clinical reasoning case study in class, a student said, ‘It's like we are in clinical.’ The value of the membership is outstanding and well worth it. You won't regret bringing these products to your classroom!

— Kim Smith, MSN, RNCassville Nursing Program Director

I appreciate the different levels of case studies. They really do encourage students to display critical thinking and see the whole picture of patient care.

— Daniel Eaton MSN, RN, Instructor of NursingPenn State University

Keith writes in the same fashion that he practices nursing: with excellence, passion, and a pure unadulterated fervor for the profession. Keith generously shares his nursing knowledge and lived experiences within the context of evidence-based knowledge and practices, while simultaneously urging the reader to examine his or her individual and collective commitment to the profession.

— Cynthia Clark, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN, founder of Civility Matters TM and Professor EmeritusBoise State University

We are currently using these case studies as a replacement for clinicals because of COVID. The level of in-depth understanding and interrelationship between pathophysiology, labs, medications, and prioritization of what is and is not important is creating nurses that I would want to take care of me. I recommend this product to any nursing program.

— Brandy Stoffel RN, MSNHealth & Educational Consultants LLC

I love your case studies because it pulls students away from lecture and puts them in real life scenarios in the classroom.

— Jennifer Dahl MSN, RNC-OB, Nursing FacultyConcordia University