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Driven by a shared passion for empowering, inspiring, and educating the next generation of nurses, Keith Rischer is your partner in transforming nurse education. An author, nurse educator, and staff nurse with over 35 years’ experience, he’s recognized as a thought leader on clinical judgment and its relevance to modern nursing practice. He speaks widely on critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and addressing the crisis in competency among new graduates.

Keith’s Most Requested Workshop & Conference Topics


Transforming the Nursing Profession for the 21st Century and Beyond

Motivate and inspire nurse educators and the next generation of nurses that they train to face the current struggles in the profession head on to be the needed change to restore the value and dignity of what nurses do to make a difference by caring for patients when they are most vulnerable.

5-6 hours

Teach Students to THINK Like a Nurse:
Transformational Strategies that will Prepare Students for Practice

This is my most requested full-day workshop topic for nursing faculty. Topics include what content is most important and how to decrease TMI. I share practical tools and strategies to implement a “clinical reasoning based curriculum” in your program by helping faculty simply change the way they teach in the classroom and clinical settings.

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1+ hour

How to Bring Clinical to Class and Teach Students to Think Like a Nurse

Don’t just “flip” your classroom, TRANSFORM it! How? By bringing salient clinical realities to your classroom. I have created numerous active learning tools that emphasize the APPLICATION of content and PRACTICE the nurse thinking skill of clinical reasoning!

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1+ hour

How to Teach Students to THINK Like a Nurse in the Clinical Setting

Clinical must emphasize how to use clinical reasoning so students are prepared to think like a nurse and transition successfully to clinical practice. I share my unique tools and effective strategies to maximize student learning.

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What Participants are Saying

What a wonderful staff development day! Keith was funny, engaging, passionate and very knowledgeable. He is able to transfer this passion to faculty through his content delivery and many "pearls" of learning that he is eager to share!

Rhonda Rawls Moore, RN, MSNMeridian Community College, Meridian, Mississippi

Keith conducted a full day workshop for our nursing department that was an awesome day filled with immediately utilizable applications for both theory classes and clinical experiences. The faculty were so excited and eager to use the tools and strategies you shared!

Nan WaltersAustin Community College, Austin, Texas

Your knowledge and knack for making complex topics understood was relevant was outstanding!

Linda Murphy, MSN, RNC, ONCSamford University, Birmingham, Alabama

I got so much out and took away so many great ideas from your presentation.

Amber Patrick, MSN, RNSamford University, Birmingham, Alabama