“Keith’s interactive, engaging manner invoked a response in the room with energy so high it seemed electric. Our faculty are eager to implement his clinical reasoning strategies to strengthen student learning.”

Nan Walters, Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

The traditional ways of teaching nursing do not prepare students for the inherent challenges of clinical practice today.

As a result, nursing education is not only broken, it is in need of radical transformation and the current quality of nursing education needs to be improved.

This troubling assessment was contained in the Carnegie Foundation’s research findings of nursing education in the United States led by Patricia Benner and published in Educating Nurses: A Call for Radical Transformation.

This trajectory can be changed. But in order to prepare students for practice, a transformational vision and new ways to think about nursing education must be embraced and implemented so that students are better prepared for practice by being able to clinically reason and THINK more like a nurse.

I have developed practical strategies and tools that emphasize clinical reasoning and have shared my work across the United States and Canada so student learning is strengthened and educators are empowered to engage students with meaningful active learning!

To THINK or not to THINK…it’s a Matter of Life and Death!

Students must be prepared to pass the NCLEX. But once in clinical practice after the NCLEX, they must also be able to USE and APPLY knowledge, identify RELEVANT clinical data, and recognize if a problem is present.

This is the essence of clinical reasoning.

Patient outcomes are improved and lives will be saved when nurses are able to clinically reason and Rescue buoy and drowning handsrecognize a change of status before it progresses to an unnescessary adverse outcome, including patient death.

This is called “failure to rescue” in the nursing literature and it continues to be a problem in clinical practice.

When I present, I promise to…

keither Work with you and your department to develop a presentation that will meet your unique needs and current challenges.

Provide a professionally-prepared, dynamically-delivered presentation focused on achieving the outcomes you seek.

Bring real-life scenarios and current clinical realities to illustrate and enliven my presentation.

Empower participants with practical tools and strategies that will help them teach students to think more like a nurse.

Involve participants in application exercises, small group break-out sessions and active involvement to promote engagement.

Next Steps

The success of your next nursing conference or faculty development workshop hinges on the effectiveness of the presenter.

I have been blessed to serve and present my work as a presenter at nurse educator conferences and faculty development workshops that have been well received.

I will do all that I can to ensure that my presentation will bring needed change and transformation to your program so that students are well prepared for the NCLEX as well as clinical practice!

Is this what you are looking for in your next nursing education speaker?

If so, let’s start a conversation.

To check my availability, or if you have any questions, click below.

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About Me

keithrn-2016I have been a nurse for 35 years and a newer nurse educator since 2005. I am passionate to help educators overcome current barriers and challenges so learning can be strengthened and students are well prepared for clinical practice.

I love to mentor and teach others, so I pursued my passion and became a nurse educator but was able to stay current in clinical practice by working every weekend.

My strength as an educator is that I am able to take my lens of clinical practice and integrate the theoretical work of leading nurse educators such as Patricia Benner and create practical tools so nurse educators can implement best practices that are salient and reflect bedside realities.

I have developed a unique practice-based model of clinical reasoning that breaks down this complex nurse thinking skill step-by-step, so students can readily understand and APPLY clinical reasoning in both the classroom and clinical settings.

See my ABOUT page for more details!

Professional/Personal Highlights:

When I am not writing or creating case studies, I work in the ED and ICU of a large metropolitan hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I love to relax and unwind with a good book!

My Most Requested Workshop/Conference Topics

Keynote: Transforming the Nursing Profession for the 21st Century and Beyond

Motivate and inspire nurse educators and the next generation of nurses that they train to face the current struggles in the profession head on to be the needed change to restore the value and dignity of what nurses do to make a difference by caring for patients when they are most vulnerable.

Teach Students to THINK Like a Nurse: Transformational Strategies that will Prepare Students for Practice (5-6 hours)

This is my most requested full-day workshop topic for nursing faculty. Topics include what content is most important and how to decrease TMI. I share practical tools and strategies to implement a “clinical reasoning based curriculum” in your program by helping faculty simply change the way they teach in the classroom and clinical settings.

Learn more…

How to Bring Clinical to Class and Teach Students to Think Like a Nurse (1+ hour)

Don’t just “flip” your classroom, TRANSFORM it! How? By bringing salient clinical realities to your classroom. I have created numerous active learning tools that emphasize the APPLICATION of content and PRACTICE the nurse thinking skill of clinical reasoning!

Learn more…

How to Teach Students to THINK Like a Nurse in the Clinical Setting (1+ hour)

Clinical must emphasize how to use clinical reasoning so students are prepared to think like a nurse and transition successfully to clinical practice. I share my unique tools and effective strategies to maximize student learning.

Learn more

Take the Next Step. Invite Keith to Speak at Your Next Event Today.

To check my availability, or if you have any questions before proceeding further, please click below to email me. I look forward to connecting with you!

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Upcoming 2018 Speaking 

Prior 2018

2017 Speaking

  • April 4. Nurse Educator Institute, Branson Missouri
  • April 12, NurseTim webinar “Clinical Reasoning Case Studies to Develop Nurse Thinking for NCLEX Success”
  • April 20, Nicolet College, Rhinelander, Wisconsin
  • May 10, Delgado Community College, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • May 31, St. Anselm Nurse Educator Conference, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
  • June 15, Chamberlain College, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • August 2, Freed-Hardeman University, Dickson, TN. Full day workshop: Teach Students to THINK Like a Nurse!
  • September 21, Boise, Idaho Leaders in Education and Practice (LEAP) conference
  • October 13, Kentucky League for Nursing annual conference, Louisville. CLICK HERE for more information and to register!
  • October 19, Chamberlain College, Phoenix, Arizona
  • October 20, “Teach Your Students to Think Like a Nurse”, Nursing Education Collaborative: Phoenix, AZ. CLICK HERE for more information and to save your spot!
  • October 26,27 Great Bend Kansas State Educator conference
  • November 20, University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire

What Nurse Leaders are Saying…

“What an outstanding presentation! Your strategies, tools, and processes have reminded our faculty on the importance to teach students to think like a nurse.”
Donna Nickitas, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, CNE, FAAN
Professor, Executive Officer of Nursing PhD Program at CUNY Graduate Center, Editor of Nursing Economics

“If you are considering faculty development, I strongly encourage you to consider a presentation by Keith. His work exemplifies Patricia Benner’s book: Educating Nurses: A Call for Radical Transformation.”
Shirlee J. Snyder, EdD, RN
Coauthor of Kozier & Erb’s Fundamentals of Nursing textbook

“The energy that Keith brought to our conference and his command on the topic of men in nursing history as a topic was wonderful!”
Bill Lecher, DNP, MBA, RN, NE-BC, President, American Assembly for Men in Nursing Foundation 

What Participants are Saying…

“What a wonderful staff development day! Keith was funny, engaging, passionate and very knowledgeable. He is able to transfer  this passion to faculty  through his content delivery and many “pearls” of learning that he is eager to share!”

Rhonda Rawls Moore, RN, MSN, Meridian Community College, Meridian, Mississippi

“Keith conducted a full day workshop for our nursing department that was an awesome day filled with immediately utilizable applications for both theory classes and clinical experiences. The faculty were so excited and eager to use the tools and strategies you shared!”

Nan Walters, Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

“Your knowledge and knack for making complex topics understood was relevant was outstanding!”

Linda Murphy, MSN, RNC, ONC

“I got so much out and took away so many great ideas from your presentation.”
Amber Patrick, MSN, RN, Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama

Samples of faculty feedback:

  • Lots of new and innovative ideas related to clinical and classroom teaching
  • Great presentation…real world
  • Liked the concrete examples provided
  • Stimulated us to adapt to our own curriculum
  • Realistic and inspiring presentation
  • I will make adjustments to the tools you developed
  • I love the idea of using the case studies for my online and face-to-face classes
  • Dynamic and enthusiastic speaker! Also down to earth
  • Created lots of ideas for future teaching
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