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Transforming nursing education one educator at a time.

Keith Rischer, Ph.D., RN, CCRN, CEN is a nursing education innovator who merged his clinical and educational expertise to create clinical judgment resources that engage students so they become active participants in the learning process. As a result, educators are empowered to transform the way nursing is taught to lead the way for needed change!

He speaks widely at conferences and workshops to improve the practice-readiness of graduate nurses so new nurses are better prepared for both clinical practice and licensure which leads to better patient outcomes.

Customize Your Presentation

What does your program need right now to improve how nursing is taught and improve NCLEX licensure pass rates? Though the following topics below are my most common, I have additional topics and will tailor fit a presentation to address your unique needs.

To get started, contact me, and let’s start a conversation and discuss next steps.

Top Topics

How to Teach Clinical Judgment

To effectively teach clinical judgment, it must be correctly defined. This presentation lays the foundation for nurse educators to fully understand what clinical judgment is and its importance to nursing practice, and learn educational best practices to teach clinical judgment.

Classroom Strategies to Develop Clinical Judgment

To practice and develop clinical judgment, the classroom needs to be transformed from a passive learning environment where textbook content is regurgitated to an active learning setting where students come to class prepared and practice clinical judgment skills in the safety of the classroom.

This presentation will empower educators to eliminate “infobesity” from lectures to make time for active learning using unfolding clinical reasoning case studies and other practice-based strategies.

Clinical and Simulation Strategies to Develop Clinical Judgment

To develop clinical judgment in the clinical, faculty need to control the learning environment by providing supplemental activities and developing clinical paperwork that reinforces clinical judgment skills.

This presentation will highlight essential strategies to build nurse thinking and problem recognition skills in the clinical setting that will prepare them for practice and licensure including Next Generation NCLEX.

Writing Test Questions to Evaluate Clinical Judgment

Now is the time to start writing test questions that will capture the essence of the clinical judgment skills students require for both practice and NextGen NCLEX.

This presentation will highlight practical strategies to write concise case-based scenarios with a series of questions that capture the essence of what will be expected to be successful on the upcoming NextGen NCLEX.

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