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These practical, integrated textbooks prepare nursing students for professional practice.

Each volume of Think Like a Nurse presents foundational knowledge that builds from one book to the next. Content is introduced, defined, and reinforced with clinical-based activities and practical guidance from practicing nurses. Prepare students for practice and Next Generation NCLEX, with active learning that relates concepts to case studies from clinical practice.

Get individual volumes or purchase all three and save! All print editions include the e-book and audiobook.

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With declining clinical hours, increasing patient complexity, and too much information in the curriculum, nursing students struggle to understand what is most important for safe patient care.

As a result, the number of nurses graduating with entry-level clinical judgment skills has declined from 23% in 2017 to only 9% today. This crisis in competency can result in adverse and potentially disastrous patient outcomes.

Students and new nurses need to learn a holistic approach to develop clinical judgment and prepare for safe practice. This comprehensive approach begins by emphasizing the 3 C’s: caring, critical thinking, and clinical reasoning.

Volume I: Laying the Foundation for Professional Practice

Students learn how to develop grit and practice study and test-taking strategies to improve their success, how to provide authentic holistic patient care, and how to establish a professional identity so they can start to think, feel, and act like a professional nurse.

Volume II: Building the Knowledge Base for Professional Practice

Students review the essential knowledge of the applied sciences to develop critical thinking. Before knowledge can be used, it must first be understood. Application activities help students understand and relate this content to clinical practice.

Volume III: Developing Clinical Judgment for Professional Practice

Students learn the steps of clinical reasoning: identifying the most important patient data, determining that data’s significance, recognizing and prioritizing problems, and setting nursing priorities—all supporting the effective development of sound clinical judgment.

Apply Learning Immediately.

These concise, integrated resources emphasize a practice-based approach so students can immediately apply what they’ve learned. Educators are then empowered to focus on developing students’ clinical judgment.

Learn From Real Patient Scenerios.

Clinical Reasoning Case Studies engage students by allowing them to practice what they’ve learned and develop the critical thinking and clinical judgment skills used in practice.

Develop Deep Understanding.

Each book uses a variety of interactive learning tools, including case studies, worksheets, and quick reference guides with opportunities to pause, reflect, engage in the content, and jot ideas in the margins. Students retain the knowledge gained and develop a deep understanding to apply at the bedside where it matters most!

Get a Mentor and Guide Who is Always There.

Students need more than NextGen NCLEX questions to review to develop clinical judgment. They must develop essential clinical judgment skills. Each volume is a comprehensive resource written in an easy-to-read, mentoring tone that makes these thinking skills visible and remain relevant through nursing school and entry into practice.

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