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These practical, integrated textbooks prepare nursing students for professional practice.

Nursing students are overwhelmed with the massive amount of content they are expected to memorize and master to pass the next test. This results in their inability to identify what content they should deeply understand to apply in clinical practice.

Each textbook teaches nursing students and new nurses how to successfully transition to clinical practice. These textbooks highlight essential curriculum content and show how a nurse can apply knowledge to provide safe patient care.

As worktexts, these resources should not just be read, but faculty should interact with and engage students by discussing the content. Each page has wide margins for students to take notes and respond to numerous callout icons to pause, reflect, and identify key takeaways. Practice “pearls” created by expert nurses are sprinkled throughout to facilitate transitioning successfully to clinical practice.

Each volume builds from one book to the next and emphasizes the application of knowledge with numerous worksheets, case studies, and activities to develop essential knowledge and clinical judgment skills.

Individual books or bundles

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Volume I: Laying the Foundation for Professional Practice

Students learn how to develop grit, study content, improve their success with test-taking strategies, and provide authentic holistic patient care. As a result, students begin to establish a professional identity so they can start to think, feel, and act like a professional nurse. Best suited for fundamental students.

Volume II: Building the Knowledge Base for Professional Practice

Emphasizes a practice-informed perspective to ensure deep understanding of the applied sciences of pathophysiology, pharmacology, and fluids and electrolytes. Additional guidance on nursing assessment keeps it concise, yet comprehensive.

Numerous application worksheets help students understand and relate this content to clinical practice that leads to developing clinical judgment. Best suited for first-year nursing students.

Volume III: Developing Clinical Judgment for Professional Practice

Focuses on the essential steps to develop clinical reasoning: identifying the most important patient data, determining its significance, recognizing, then prioritizing problems, and lastly how to set nursing priorities—all supporting the development of sound clinical judgment.

Numerous practice “pearls” are included to facilitate a successful transition to clinical practice. Best suited for advanced students or used as a Capstone textbook.

Curriculum Map

View the curriculum map to see how each textbook volume can be easily integrated into your curriculum or nurse residency program to enhance a new nurse’s transition to real-world practice.

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