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Prepare students for licensure and professional practice with an unfolding clinical reasoning case study that comes in three levels of complexity to develop clinical judgment from fundamentals to capstone.

What’s included:

  • PDF of the case study.
  • Medical record.
  • PowerPoint to present case study in class.

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KeithRN’s Clinical Reasoning Case Studies

All KeithRN Clinical Reasoning Case Studies (CRCS) have now been completely revised with new scenarios, clinical data, and an interactive format and are unlike any case study in the marketplace. They provide a written narrative of an authentic patient scenario and simulate clinical realities with data that unfolds in multiple stages – just like a nurse encounters in practice.

The case studies deliver a consistent framework of open-ended questions with rationale so students can practice clinical decision-making and faculty can evaluate student thinking with any patient care scenario.

The three complementary levels of KeithRN CRCS (NextGen-Skinny-Unfolding Reasoning) integrate the four clinical reasoning processes of noticing, interpreting, responding, and reflecting of Tanner’s Clinical Judgment Model (CJM).


Nikki Smith is a 22-year-old, G-1, now T-1 P -0 A- 0 L-1, who is Group B strep positive and was treated with four doses of penicillin G. She had a vaginal delivery over an intact perineum after 19 hours of labor at 39 weeks gestation.

She is clinically stable and about to be transferred to the postpartum unit after a two-hour recovery period. Oxytocin 20 units in 1000 mL of Lactated Ringer’s is infusing at a fixed rate of 125 mL/hr in a 20 g. peripheral IV in her left hand. Type and screen done on admission, Hgb 12.6/Hct 38.

Her last set of vital signs were…

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