Developing Clinical Judgment: Getting Started with KeithRN

Is your program integrating clinical judgment skills across the curriculum to prepare your students for clinical practice and Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) licensure?

This free monthly workshop will present educational best practices to develop clinical judgment using innovative KeithRN tools and resources that break down clinical judgment step-by-step so it can be successfully taught and practiced in the classroom, clinical, and simulation settings.


  • Compare and contrast critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and clinical judgment.
  • Construct a concise practice-based classroom presentation to eliminate infobesity.
  • Learn how to successfully utilize KeithRN tools and unfolding clinical reasoning case studies in the classroom, clinical, and simulation settings.

This workshop is offered monthly on Zoom for free, from 10AM – 12PM Central time. Bring your questions! These sessions will include opportunities to discuss your concerns and have a conversation with other nurse educators.

Upcoming Workshops

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