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Innovative clinical reasoning case studies and resources that connect nursing education to practice.

Develop clinical judgment skills to prepare new nurses for real-world practice and Next Generation NCLEX

KeithRN Clinical Reasoning Case Studies

  • Prepare students for NextGen NCLEX and practice with case studies that simulate clinical practice.
  • Three levels of complexity focused on developing clinical judgment.
  • NEW NextGen Reasoning level replicates the essence of an NGN six-question unfolding case study with open-ended responses.
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Collaborative Resources

KeithRN Clinical Reasoning Escape Rooms

Connect educational content to practice using an engaging active learning activity that develops student clinical judgment. These KeithRN Clinical Reasoning Escape Rooms are a collaboration between KeithRN and Martha Johnson, RN, MSN of BreakoutRN, known for her unique strategies to develop active learning resources for nurse educators.

Collaborative resources represent a partnership between nurse innovators and KeithRN​ to provide the highest quality, innovative educational resources to better prepare students for practice.​

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The Ultimate Solution to Develop Clinical Judgment Skills

KeithRN’s Think Like a Nurse Membership

Think Like a Nurse – A KeithRN Brand

Access exclusive active learning resources for faculty and students, including KeithRN Case Studies, making it your go-to resource.

Meet Keith

Meet Keith

Keith Rischer, Ph.D., RN, CCRN, CEN, is an author, nurse educator, and expert clinician with more than 35 years of experience who is recognized as a thought leader on clinical judgment and its importance for safe nursing practice and improving patient outcomes.

Driven by a passion for inspiring and educating the next generation of nurses, Dr. Rischer launched KeithRN in 2012 to pursue his vision of transforming nursing education. Using active learning and evidence-based teaching strategies, his tools and resources empower nurse educators to develop clinical judgment essential for safe practice.

Reviews from Nurse Educators

Keith is a gift to nursing, and his Think Like a Nurse membership is desperately needed at this time. He has developed tools for educators to bring real-life into our classrooms. This will prepare our students for real-world practice. I truly believe this down-to-earth, concise, and organized forum will lay the foundation for the development of the Registered Nurse. KeithRN is the real deal and different than any other platform to empower educators to implement needed change.

— Sherry Nantroup, RN, MSN, FNP-C, Nursing ProfessorPierce Community College

Using decades of clinical experience and education, Keith provides foundational knowledge and reasoning that guides any nurse towards effective clinical judgment. As a student nurse, I’ve benefited from this book to build and establish critical thinking as it applies to the nursing process.

— Noah Robins, Nursing StudentUniversity of West Georgia

Thanks to the KeithRN curriculum, we have truly transformed our classroom, lab, and clinicals. My program has shown a complete turnaround as a direct result of your membership (particularly the case studies). By the way, we have had a 100% pass rate this year for the third year in a row, even in the midst and challenges of COVID-19.

— Hutch Hutchinson, RN, BSN, DirectorBedford School of Practical Nursing

I've been teaching a four-day NCLEX review for our seniors and have used several of your case studies. It made our class so much more fun than the traditional 'death by PowerPoint.' I am excited to help them learn to 'think like a nurse' using your method. Thank you!

— Joy Kimbrell, RN, MSN, Assistant Professor of Nursing and DirectorCenter for Nursing Success, Cumberland University

Your case studies have our nursing students connecting the dots and asking ‘does this make sense?’ in alignment with the patient’s story. You can almost see the lightbulbs’ brightening the room as they begin to think like a nurse. Thank you for your work inspiring the strength of our next generation of nurses.

— Tami Vanderwerf RN, BSN-CPN, Nurse Educator AssociateClackamas Community College