Think Like a Nurse: Practical Preparation for Professional Practice 2nd Edition


A textbook for students preparing for real-world practice, Think Like a Nurse provides a clear method for learning clinical judgment.

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Most students struggle to put the clinical picture together and think like a nurse! This unique textbook prepares nursing students for real-world practice by helping them understand what content is most important to nursing practice and provides clear methods and practical strategies for learning to develop clinical judgment. Includes a set of active learning tools that transform the way students learn, including case studies, worksheets, and quick reference guides.

    • 300-page text for nursing students, which emphasizes a practice-based approach so students can apply their learnings immediately.
    • Clinical case studies engage students, allowing them to practice what they’ve learned and develop critical thinking skills.
    • A quick medication guide, sample patient assessment form, and care planning map make learning active, so students retain the knowledge gained.


“I’ve referred to this book countless times throughout nursing school and I know it will be a great reference as I go along in my career.  Every time I have re-looked at it, I see new things or I see them with a different perspective.  Your book has helped me to recognize my own personal growth. It has been the most foundational book in all of my nursing education thus far.”

— Natalie, student nurse, California

“THINK Like a Nurse provides relevant information in an easy-to-read, clear, and focused manner along with helpful advice from an expert nurse and teacher. This book is a powerful resource for nursing students. They can read/review this book each semester and subsequently improve their ability to ‘think like a nurse’ with each clinical experience as they progress through their nursing program and even their first year of nursing practice.” 

— Shirlee J. Snyder, EdD, RN, Co-author of Kozier & Erb’s Fundamentals of Nursing

“In nursing education there is the ideal we strive for and the real world of current clinical realities. There rarely exists a resource that bridges the two so honestly and powerfully as ‘Think Like a Nurse.’ In nursing education we strive to impart knowledge, but knowledge without wisdom and insight will leave the student nurse struggling to integrate the art of nursing into practice. I recommend this book to nurse educators, nursing students, and anyone who wants to deeply understand the profession of nursing.”

— Karla Larson, PhD, MSN, RN, Associate Professor

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