My revised second edition will be finalized and published in October, 2015.
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How to Regain Your Confidence as a Nursing Student

Are you a nursing student who is:

  • Overwhelmed due to content overload
  • Fear that you do not know what content you are studying is most important to bedside practice
  • Anxious that you will not pass the NCLEX and not sure if you are being well prepared for professional practice

Then what I have written is just for you. Here’s why…

You can now access my personal thoughts and observations based on over 30 years of clinical practice that I have put in writing that identify what content is most important to guide new nurses to safe, clinical practice as well as break down how a nurse thinks using clinical reasoning so you can transition successfully to provide safe care after you graduate.

Clinical reasoning is the ability of the nurse to think in action and readily grasp the essence of the current clinical situation. Clinical reasoning is nurse thinking and is also the essence of the NCLEX exam.

But if you ignore what you may be feeling, it may cost you because…

If You Ignore Your Feelings, They Will Only Get Worse

What most students do when they are not sure what is the most important content to safe nursing practice and if they are being well prepared for nursing practice is to read more and study longer. But for most, none of that works because in some nursing programs…

  • Nursing faculty insist that everything in the textbook is important and will be on the test.
  • You do not acquire the DEEP learning of what content is really MOST important to the bedside
  • You then struggle to apply this knowledge to the bedside where it matters most in the clinical setting

And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing throughout your program? You may make it through nursing school, but you may not have the DEEP knowledge of what is MOST important and the tools required to think like a nurse that will help prepare and transition you successfully for professional practice.

How I Identified What is Required to Think like a Nurse

Here’s my story:

I am not only an experienced nurse of over thirty years, but a nurse educator who never left the bedside. After my second year of classroom teaching, I began to feel a disconnect and was dissatisfied.

I knew what content was needed and relevant for my students as a nurse straddling both domains of education and clinical practice but most faculty expected that students must know entire chapters and be tested on everything in the textbook.

To establish care priorities, three part NANDA nursing diagnostic statements with laborious written care plans were the only way students were allowed to establish care priorities!

If this has been your lived experience in nursing education, my book was written just for you!

I knew that this traditional approach was not fully preparing my students to think like a nurse in clinical practice so I decided to do something about it and wrote THINK like a Nurse! Practical Preparation for Professional Practice.

It Worked For These People, and It Will Work For You

By sharing my insights that have been validated by other clinical nurses as well as nurse educators, I have provided a resource that will strengthen the knowledge and thinking that is required for nursing practice.

My perspectives have not only impacted my practice, but here’s how my book has impacted others:

“When I read THINK like a Nurse! my first thought was, “Wow! Where was this book when I was in nursing school?” I definitely recommend this book because it will better prepare you for the “real” nursing world.”
Samantha Fernando, RN

“This book is a powerful resource for nursing students. They can read/review this book and subsequently improve their ability to “think like a nurse” as they progress through their nursing program and first year of nursing practice.”
Shirlee J. Snyder, EdD, RN, Co-author of Kozier & Erbs Fundamentals of Nursing

“After reading this book as a new graduate, I am more confident to go into my nursing practice. The wealth of practical information in this short read is like having a year’s worth of nursing experience under my belt. I highly recommend this valuable book for new grads!”
Tamera Wimbley, RN

THINK Like a Nurse! helps the brand new nurse understand how to prioritize what actions are most critical and puts those concepts into clear, logical, and useable steps. I will be using this book for all my new grads transitioning into practice.”
Willi Ellison, MSN, RN, CEN, CCRN, Nurse Residency Coordinator, Las Vegas, Nevada

Finally, It’s Your Turn

When you purchase THINK like a Nurse! you’ll begin to take an important step that will prepare you for professional practice and receive the following benefits and additional revised content in the new 2nd edition:

  • 25 reflection questions relevant to nursing that will help identify your weaknesses to make them a strength!
  • Understand the relevance of caring and how it improves patient outcomes
  • Identify and deepen your learning of the most important content of the applied sciences (A&P, F&E, pharmacology)
  • Understand and develop the nurse thinking skill of clinical reasoning
  • Clinical “pearls” to strengthen your physical assessment skills
  • Application exercises and case studies on COPD, heart failure, and sepsis to practice nurse thinking and apply it in your next clinical
  • Principles to help you pass the NCLEX the first time
  • Practical strategies to get your first nursing position
  • Principles to help you better manage your clinical day, establish priorities, and teach your patients well
  • Numerous tools and handouts that can be downloaded that I originally created for my students

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It all comes included as part of my new 2nd edition, THINK like a Nurse! Practical Preparation for Professional Practice.

You are 100% safe to try this out. Just try it for 30 days to see if my book delivers as promised. If for some reason you’re not delighted with the relevant knowledge you’ll acquire, strengthen your ability to think like a nurse, and be the rock star nurse you desire to be, then just let me know, and I will promptly refund your purchase..

Here’s What You’re Getting

Increased confidence, less anxiety, and freedom of sweaty palms whenever your clinical educator asks you a question!

Seriously though, knowledge is empowering and this resource will help strengthen and develop you as a new nurse. It would be my pleasure to be your personal “nurse trainer”!


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