How to Bring Clinical to Class

and Teach Students to Think Like a Nurse!


This presentation provides nurse educators with practical strategies and tools to implement active learning that emphasizes clinical reasoning in the classroom.

But it does much more. It helps educators recognize “sacred cows” in nursing education that continue to hinder student learning and to think differently so that student learning is strengthened.

I also address the most common struggles that educators face in the classroom including how to effectively engage students in the learning process and decrease content load so that students acquire the DEEP learning of what is MOST important!


This session is for educators who want to transform nursing education and increase their effectiveness in the classroom through an emphasis on clinical reasoning.

Incorporating the principles from Educating Nurses: A Call for Radical Transformation, the presenter has developed unique clinical reasoning case studies to bring ACTIVE learning to the classroom.

By emphasizing APPLICATION of content and clinical reasoning, students are prepared for professional practice as well as the NCLEX®!


  1. Apply the foundational paradigm changes for nursing education advocated by Patricia Benner in “Educating Nurses” through the use of clinical reasoning case studies in the classroom.
  2. Identify the NCLEX® Client Needs categories and how they can be integrated into a clinical reasoning case study.
  3. Identify the structural components of a clinical reasoning case study.
  4. Construct your own clinical reasoning case study based on a template provided by the presenter that integrates clinical reasoning and the client need categories from the NCLEX® Test Plan.

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