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Why KeithRN?

Learn how to develop the clinical judgment skills needed to prepare you for real-world practice and NCLEX licensure.

Lack of Clinical Judgment in Graduate Nurses

To ensure that graduate nurses can deliver safe patient care, they must master clinical judgment skills. Unfortunately, recent research has shown that despite new graduates passing the NCLEX licensure examination, the majority don’t start practice with the crucial skill of clinical judgment (Kavanagh & Sharpneck, 2021).

As a result, patient outcomes can be adversely impacted leading to severe patient complications and even death.

Why are so many new nurses unprepared for practice?

Students are overwhelmed with TMI of what needs to be learned. As a result, they go into survival mode, memorizing content to pass the next test, but struggle to understand what is taught which makes it difficult to apply what was learned at the bedside of patient care.

Can you relate?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Developing holistic clinical judgment is needed. The solution will show you how…

Use Case Studies to Develop and Practice Clinical Reasoning

As a nurse educator, I witnessed students burdened by infobesity. So I began creating case studies based on what I experienced in practice to help students apply knowledge as they connect it to clinical practice.

Did you know that case studies are one of the most effective strategies to strengthen nursing knowledge because they simulate real-world practice so clinical judgment can be practiced? The Next Generation NCLEX exam, beginning in 2023, will use case-based scenarios and questions similar to KeithRN case studies.

Develop Holistic Clinical Judgment

My best resource for students and new nurses is my recently updated best-selling book, Think Like a Nurse.

It consists of three concise practical volumes that empower students and new nurses to develop holistic clinical judgment by understanding the importance of caring, what content is most important to practice, and identifying specific clinical judgment skills so nurses graduate better prepared for practice and NCLEX licensure.

Think Like a Nurse 3-Book Bundle

Volume I: Laying the Foundation for Professional Practice

Learn principles of student success, how to provide holistic patient care, and what it means to be a professional nurse.

Volume II: Building the Knowledge Base for Professional Practice

Review essential knowledge so patho, pharm, and F&E can be UNDERSTOOD. Application activities help you to relate this content to clinical practice.

Volume III: Developing Clinical Judgment for Professional Practice

Learn specific clinical reasoning skills such as establishing what data is most important, recognizing problems, and setting nursing priorities to confidently provide safe patient care.

Take the following steps to develop holistic clinical judgment to be better prepared for practice and licensure!