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Clinical Reasoning Questions

I developed a practice-based framework of clinical reasoning questions that integrate the nursing process, clinical reasoning, and Tanner’s Clinical Judgment Model! This framework is best suited for advanced students that provides a checklist of questions that need to be answered before assuming care, during patient care and reflecting afterward.

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60 Second Clinical Assessment

Use this handout in clinical to guide students to recognize that nursing assessment begins before you physically touch the patient by assessing the room, tubes and lines, and an overall patient safety survey.

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Teaching Caring

We want students to be caring, but how do you make this emphasis intentional in your program? This folder contains worksheets I developed that my students found helpful so students see the patient and not just the “tasks” of patient care.

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Lab Planning Worksheet

Do your students know what to do with a “bad lab?” This practical worksheet will help students in clinical make the connection between a relevant abnormal lab and developing a plan of care around this “bad lab.”

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Meds to Master Worksheet

After identifying the most common 10-15 meds in your clinical, use this worksheet to strengthen student learning of pharmacology by identifying the connection between understanding the mechanism of action and the most common side effects and nursing implications.

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Develop Critical Thinking by Understanding Pathophysiology handout

Pathophysiology must be deeply understood by students to develop the critical thinking required for safe practice. This worksheet contains six essential questions to strengthen the application of patho to patient care in the clinical setting.

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Sepsis SKINNY Reasoning case study

Sepsis is the most common complication that kills too many patients in the clinical setting. This SKINNY Reasoning clinical reasoning case study is brief and concise so it can be used by all levels in class or clinical post-conference to strengthen student understanding of this essential topic to recognize this complication EARLY before it is too late.

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Sepsis UNFOLDING Reasoning case study

This UNFOLDING Reasoning clinical reasoning case study is twice as long as SKINNY Reasoning and “unfolds” with a change of status that must be recognized. Best suited for advanced students.

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