WORKBOOK-Clinical Dilemma Case Studies


Suitable for all levels. Short, versatile format that emphasizes the “art” and ethical aspects of practice.

Engage students with active learning in class or clinical post-conference to help them care, think, and act more like a nurse!

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Fifteen Essential Clinical Dilemma Case Study Topics:

Each topic comes complete with student version and fully developed answer key.

PATIENT Dilemmas
Pain Control or Drug Seeking Behavior
Anxiety or Spiritual Distress
Depressed Patient/Loss of Hope
Chemotherapy/End of Life

Invasive Surgery or Medical Management
Dialysis or Hospice
LVAD or Hospice

ETHICAL Dilemmas
Medical Futility
Code Status/Patient Autonomy
Remain Intubated/Withdraw Life Support

NURSING Dilemmas
Nurse-to-Student Incivility
Student-to-Faculty Incivility
Faculty-to-Student Incivility
Student Burnout

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