TREATMENT Dilemma: Transitioning to Comfort Care


Suitable for all levels. Short, versatile format that emphasizes the “art” and ethical aspects of practice.

Help your students care and act more like a nurse with a patient who is transitioning from acute care to hospice.

Overview of Dilemma:

Death is inevitable. When it becomes apparent that aggressive medical treatment is no longer a treatment option, it is not uncommon to find that some members of the family cannot accept this grim prognosis, but insist that everything that can be done must be done. How can the nurse support both the patient and a grieving family is the essence of this dilemma.

Key Components:

1. Develop “art” of Nursing

  • By emphasizing importance of caring, compassion, and spiritual care.

2. Develop Ethical Decision Making

  • By applying ethical decision making to real-life dilemmas of practice.

3. Develop Professional Behaviors

  • By emphasizing how a nurse acts as a nursing professional.

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