Workbook-SKINNY Reasoning Case Studies


Suitable for all levels. Short, concise format that engages students with active learning to help them develop clinical judgment with the most common clinical problems present in practice settings.


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Twelve Essential SKINNY Reasoning Case Studies:

SKINNY Reasoning is a case study level that is short, concise and will empower you as an educator to make learning active so students can practice clinical decision making in the safety of your classroom or clinical post-conference setting!

Case Study Topics in Workbook 

Each topics comes complete with student version and fully developed answer key.

  1. Surgical Pain Management: PAIN/GAS EXCHANGE (1/2)
  2. Hypertension: PERFUSION/PAIN
  3. Acute Coronary Syndrome/Myocardial Infarction: PERFUSION/F&E BALANCE (1/3)
  4. Heart Failure/Acute Renal Failure: PERFUSION/GAS EXCHANGE (2/3)
  5. Pneumonia/Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: GAS EXCHANGE/INFECTION
  6. Cerebral Vascular Accident: PERFUSION/STRESS
  8. GI Bleed: PERFUSION
  9. Urinary Tract Infection/Urosepsis: INFECTION/PERFUSION
  10. Diabetic Ketoacidosis/Chronic Renal Failure: F&E BALANCE/ACID-BASE BALANCE
  11. Human Immunodeficiency Virus: IMMUNITY
  12. Anorexia Nervosa: F&E BALANCE/ACID-BASE

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