Sickle Cell Anemia (PERFUSION) Clinical Reasoning 1-2-3


Suitable for all levels. Perfusion concept exemplar that contains three concise complementary case studies in one.

Engage your students with active learning to help them think and care like a nurse with a patient in sickle cell crisis.

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Case Study Scenario:

Anthony Perkins is a 15-year-old African American male who was at a medically monitored summer camp and participated in several sports activities when the temperature was greater than 90 degrees. He began having pain in his knees and was evaluated by the camp nurse. After evaluation, he was transported to his primary care provider where he was then transferred as a direct admit to the pediatric floor of the community hospital where you are the primary nurse responsible for his care…

Key Components:

1. Develop Critical Thinking

  • By applying and using knowledge most important to practice

2. Develop Clinical Reasoning

  • By recognizing relevant clinical data to identify the nursing priority

3. Develop Clinical Judgment

  • Outcome when student interprets, notices, and responds appropriately

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