Workbook-RAPID Reasoning Case Studies


Best suited for 1st-year students. Each topic applies pharm, F&E, and clinical reasoning to practice.

Engage your students with active learning to develop clinical judgment required for safe nursing practice.

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Thirteen Essential Rapid Reasoning Case Studies:

Each topic comes complete with student version and fully developed answer key.

  1. Hypertension
  2. Acute Coronary Syndrome/Acute MI
  3. Heart Failure/Acute Renal Failure
  4. Peripheral Arterial Disease
  5. Pneumonia/COPD
  6. CVA
  7. DKA w/Chronic Renal Failure
  8. Cirrhosis
  9. Anorexia with multiple F&E abnormalities
  10. Sepsis
  11. Breast Cancer w/chemotherapy complications
  12. Post-op Pain Management (surgical) 1 of 2
  13. Post-op Pain Management: Cardiac Arrest (narcotic over sedation) 2 of 2

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