PRIORITY Patient Activity: Part I


Like three case studies in one! Use this PRIORITY Patient Activity to simulate the practical priority setting with three patients that a nurse will likely encounter in practice.

Priority setting is a clinical reasoning skill that is essential to develop clinical judgment for practice and licensure.

Use this PRIORITY Patient Activity to simulate the practical priority setting that a nurse will experience in practice. This activity can be used as a virtual clinical activity or enhance traditional clinical.

There are three acute care patients to establish priorities on a medical floor in the hospital:

  • Pt #1:Herbie Saunders, 62-year-old male with heart failure exacerbation
  • Pt #2: David Mueller, 71-year-old male with a recent below-the-knee amputation
  • Pt #3: Gladys Parker, a 92-year-old woman with weakness and falls

Part I: Nurse-to-nurse report, review of the chart, PRIORITY setting to determine who the nurse should see FIRST.

This case study comes complete with a student writeable PDF and fully developed answer key!

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  • Part II: Initial VS-nursing assessments-interprofessional communication to update care provider
  • Part III: New orders-evaluation of patient-pathophysiology-problem recognition and student reflection

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