Just Posted! Clinical Dilemma: COVID-19 Practice Dilemmas-Part I


Suitable for all levels. Short, versatile format that emphasizes the “art” and ethical aspects of practice. This salient case study highlights the ethical dilemmas present caring during a pandemic crisis such as reusing PPE.


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Overview of Dilemma:

The coronavirus pandemic is causing numerous ethical and practice dilemmas that nurses are caught right in the middle of and results in moral and ethical distress.

How does the nurse make the right decision when standards of patient care are compromised in a crisis?

This salient clinical dilemma case study with the scenario in principles derived from a nurse on the front lines of the pandemic will provoke fruitful discussion and dialogue and make the ethical and professional aspect of practice real and relevant!

Key Components:

1. Develop “art” of Nursing

  • By emphasizing importance of caring, compassion, and spiritual care.

2. Develop Ethical Decision Making

  • By applying ethical decision making to real-life dilemmas of practice.

3. Develop Professional Behaviors

  • By emphasizing how a nurse acts as a nursing professional.

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