INCIVILITY Essentials Bundle


Prepare your nursing students to effectively address incivility with the innovative teaching and tools found inside this bundle.

The Problem

Incivility and bullying are endemic in both nursing education and practice settings. Unfortunately, new nurses are most frequently targeted and are most vulnerable. They need to be prepared and empowered before they leave your program.

The Solution

Have a prepared response and address a bully directly and respectfully. The literature calls this best-practice strategy cognitive rehearsal.

Kathy Griffin and Cindy Clark wrote a must read article titled on this topic titled, “Revisiting cognitive rehearsal as an intervention against incivility and lateral violence in nursing: 10 years later.”

Read the article, then use the tools found inside this bundle to practice cognitive rehearsal and leave your students with this powerful tool in place so they graduate well prepared for practice.

What’s in the Bundle:

  1. CONTENT-PowerPoint file containing TWO presentations. The first addresses nursing incivility, the behaviors, consequences, and why it exists in a “caring” profession. The second PPT captures the essence of Griffin’s article on cognitive rehearsal to strengthen student understanding of this essential concept.
  2. PRACTICE-FOUR incivility scenarios (PDF) to APPLY cognitive rehearsal to clinical practice. Each scenario provides three reflection questions to go deeper and provoke needed discussion.
  3. ANSWER KEY to scenarios.
  4. Instruction guide (PDF). Practical resource that provides step-by-step guidance and additional resources from the nursing literature.

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