Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Case Study


Prepare your students for licensure and real-world practice with this salient scenario that contextualizes nursing care and priority setting with a patient with a new diagnosis of HIV.

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Case Study Scenario:

Michelle Johnson is a 36-year-old African American female with no prior medical history who presents to the emergency department complaining of extreme fatigue for the past several months and experiencing occasional night sweats. During the past week, she has developed a sore throat, dry, nonproductive cough, fever at night with increasing shortness of breath.

Key Components:

1. Develop Critical Thinking

  • By applying and using knowledge most important to practice

2. Develop Clinical Reasoning

  • By recognizing relevant clinical data to identify the nursing priority

3. Develop Clinical Judgment

  • Outcome when student interprets, notices, and responds appropriately

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