GI Bleed/Hypovolemic Clinical Reasoning Case Study


Prepare your students for licensure and real-world practice with this salient scenario that contextualizes nursing care and priority setting with a  patient who develops a GI bleed.

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Case Study Scenario:

Jim Olson is a 45-year-old male with a history of cirrhosis and ETOH abuse who has not had any medical care the last ten years. He began vomiting large amounts of bright red blood when he woke up this morning. He was found on the floor of the bathroom by Sheila, his girlfriend when he became lightheaded and fell to the floor and was too weak to get up.

Key Components:

1. Develop Critical Thinking

  • By applying and using knowledge most important to practice

2. Develop Clinical Reasoning

  • By recognizing relevant clinical data to identify the nursing priority

3. Develop Clinical Judgment

  • Outcome when student interprets, notices, and responds appropriately

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