FUNDAMENTAL Reasoning Workbook: 13 Foundational Case Studies


FUNDAMENTAL Reasoning is best suited for practical/first year RN students.


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This level is best suited for practical and/or first-year/fundamental level of nursing students. 

Key Components:

  1. Developing Nurse Thinking by Identifying Clinical Relevance/Significance. Identify clinically significant data from history of present problem and lab results
  2. Nurse Collected Clinical Data. Identify clinically significant data from VS and nursing assessment.
  3. Developing Nurse Thinking by APPLICATION of the Applied Sciences. Applies F&E, pharmacology, and dosage calculation to the bedside
  4. Developing Nurse Thinking by Identifying Clinical RELATIONSHIPS. Develop clinical thinking by identifying patterns/relationships of clinical data
  5. Developing Nurse Thinking by Identifying Clinical PRIORITIES. Contexualize care planning and priority setting to bedside
  6. Caring & the “Art” of Nursing. Reflective questions to encourage empathy, engagement, and caring

FUNDAMENTAL Reasoning case study topics:

  1. Hypertension
  2. Acute Coronary Syndrome/Acute MI
  3. Heart Failure/Acute Renal Failure
  4. Peripheral Arterial Disease
  5. Pneumonia/COPD
  6. CVA
  7. DKA w/Chronic Renal Failure
  8. Cirrhosis
  9. Anorexia with multiple F&E abnormalities
  10. Sepsis
  11. Breast Cancer w/chemotherapy complications
  12. Post-op Pain Management (surgical) 1 of 2
  13. Post-op Pain Management: Cardiac Arrest (narcotic over sedation) 2 of 2

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