eBook & Papertext Bundle: TEACH Students to THINK Like a Nurse: Transformational Strategies that will PREPARE Students for PRACTICE


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Prepare students for practice by teaching them how to USE and APPLY clinical reasoning to improve patient outcomes!

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Includes…Transformation Toolbox Supplement!

What makes this book unique, is that it not only emphasizes the TEACHING that is needed to strengthen nursing education, but it provides numerous TOOLS that make needed change possible!

This supplement contains the following tools, including four clinical case studies that will engage students and help them practice and develop the nurse thinking skill of clinical reasoning.

Teaching the Art of Nursing

  • Clinical Dilemma Case Study: Anxiety or Spiritual Distress? Practice the “art” of nursing with this dilemma that emphasizes the importance of holistic care.

Teaching the Applied Sciences

  • Worksheet: Medications to Master. Blank worksheet that uses the “Pharm. 5” questions to guide student learning of what is most important
  • Worksheet: “Lab Planning.” Blank worksheet guides student learning of most important lab data and develops a “lab plan of care” by identifying essential nursing assessments for relevant abnormal labs

Teaching Clinical Reasoning

  • Template: Clinical Reasoning Questions to Develop Nurse Thinking. The foundational tool to develop clinical reasoning in students. This template can be the primary care planning tool for advanced clinical instead of a traditional care plan.

Teaching in Clinical

  • Template: DEEP Learning of MOST Important in Clinical. Prepares students for your clinical rotation by identifying the meds, labs, problems, complications, and nursing skills that need to be known.
  • Worksheet: Patient Preparation. Simplified clinical prep tool for advanced students. It’s just like the worksheet I use in my clinical practice.

Pearls from Clinical Educators

  • Quick Medication Guide: Concise summary of major pharm classes to help students quickly grasp the most common classes and the prefixes/suffixes they have in common. Contributed by Nancy Delmont.
  • Patient Assessment Form. Guide that highlights physical assessment and resultant care priorities. Great for clinical education with beginning students. Contributed by Patricia Pence.
  • Care Web: Concept map format of care planning that will help students make needed connections between clinical data. Contributed by Claudette Abounader.

Teaching in the Classroom

  • Template: Transform My Lecture. Word doc. quickly identifies eight essential components of a concise NEED to know presentation.
  • Heart Failure Clinical Reasoning 1-2-3. Three clinical reasoning case studies on heart failure. Complete with PDF of blank student version and fully-developed answer key.

REVISED Chapter 19: How to Transform Your Test Questions 

Internationally known nurse educator Donna “Iggy” Ignatavicius recently reviewed this book and contributed her insights to a revision of chapter 19, “How to Transform Your Test Questions.”

This revision is an electronic supplement to the eBook and are incorporated into the paper textbook.