Clinical Essentials Bundle


Get access to ten innovative tools that help develop the clinical judgment students require to be safe and graduate practice ready.

Learn practical strategies to teach clinical reasoning with the eBook  TEACH Students to Think Like a Nurse included in this bundle!

Practical Tools to Transform Clinical Learning!

Most students struggle to see the big picture of patient care and develop the clinical judgment that students require to be safe in clinical practice.

To better prepare the next generation of nursing professionals requires that students know more than how to write a traditional written care plan.

I developed numerous tools that helped my students UNDERSTAND what was most important in the clinical setting and clinically reason. I know they will help yours as well!

This bundle includes the following:

  • eBook: TEACH Students to Think Like a Nurse
    • Go right to chapters 20-24 on clinical teaching content from my book for educators to help you best utilize the tools contained in this bundle!
  • Deep Learning of Most Important in Clinical worksheet
    • Educator worksheet to guide and emphasize deep learning of what is most important
  • Meds to Master worksheet
    • Help your students understand what is most important about each med they will administer
  • Lab Planning worksheet
    • Help your students apply F&E to the bedside with this practical worksheet
  • Critical Thinking & Pathophysiology handout
    • Six questions to help your students better understand patho
  • Student Professional Behaviors 
    • Spell out your expectations for professional and clinical behavior
    • Word doc. to easily modify and make your own!
  • Clinical Reasoning questions
    • Fundamental/1st year
    • Advanced/2nd year
  • Additional Questions handout
    • Additional questions every student needs to be asked every clinical to think more like a nurse!
  • BASIC clinical prep (7p)
    • Emphasizes the essence of clinical reasoning for first-year students
    • Word doc. to modify and make your own!
  • Advanced clinical prep (2p)
    • A simple worksheet to help your advanced students transition to real-world practice

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