Classroom Essentials Bundle


Transform the way you teach classroom by using the tools inside this bundle to attack infobesity and engage your students with active learning.

Learn educational best-practice strategies to teach clinical reasoning with the eBook  TEACH Students to Think Like a Nurse included in this bundle!

Practical Tools to Transform Classroom Learning!

Most educators struggle with infobesity and managing ever increasing amounts of content that needs to be taught. As textbooks expand with each edition so do most PowerPoint presentations!

To better prepare the next generation of nurses students must be able to apply knowledge and become partners in the learning process.

Use these tools to transform the way you teach so your students are better prepared for licensure and clinical practice.

This bundle includes the following:

  • Transform Lecture template-Word doc.
    • Nine essential category content areas to put any lecture on a diet and emphasize essential content
    • Use as your initial worksheet then use the next doc. to develop!
  • Transform Lecture-PPT template
    • Use this template that has slides for each content area ready to receive your content!
  • Case Study Scenario Development tool 
    • Quickly create your own salient scenario to easily implement active learning
  • Case Study Template
    • Take the scenario you developed and copy and paste into this simple case study template that requires students to recognize relevant clinical data and four clinical reasoning questions
  • eBook: Teach Students to Think Like a Nurse
    • Go straight to chapters 13-19 on Transforming the Classroom to learn educational best-practice strategies to help you engage your students with meaningful active learning!
    • Open the eBook then go to the paperclip icon on the upper left corner to download additional tools!

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