Cerebral Vascular Accident (PERFUSION) RAPID Reasoning


Prepare students to clinically reason and grasp the essence by recognizing the need to rescue with symptoms of an acute embolic stroke!


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This Case Study Begins with the Following Scenario:

John Gates is a 59-year-old male with a history of diabetes type II and hypertension who was at work when he had sudden onset of right-sided weakness, right facial droop, and difficulty speaking. He was transported to the emergency department (ED) where these symptoms continue to persist. It has been one hour from the onset of his neurologic symptoms when he presents to the ED. You are the nurse responsible for his care.

Concepts (in order of emphasis)

  1. Perfusion
  2. Stress
  3. Coping
  4. Clinical Judgment
  5. Patient Education

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  3. QSEN/concept based questions in Word doc. Integrate concepts and QSEN competencies into this case study! Several questions related to the primary concept and each QSEN category that can be edited to create a supplement for this case study.

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