Acute Coronary Syndrome/MI Case Study


Prepare your students for licensure and real-world practice with this salient scenario that contextualizes nursing care and priority setting with a patient with chest pain having an acute MI.

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Case Study Scenario:

JoAnn Smith is a 68-year-old who presents to the emergency department (ED) after three days of progressive weakness. She denies chest pain, but admits to shortness of breath (SOB) that increases with activity.

She also has left arm pain that has been intermittent for 20-30″ over the last 3 days. Her left arm pain has become worse and is radiating into her neck. Her husband called 9-1-1 and she was transported to the hospital by emergency medical services (EMS). She is 5′ 3″ and weighs 62 kg.

Key Components:

1. Develop Critical Thinking

  • By applying and using knowledge most important to practice

2. Develop Clinical Reasoning

  • By recognizing relevant clinical data to identify the nursing priority

3. Develop Clinical Judgment

  • Outcome when student interprets, notices, and responds appropriately

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