Critical Thinking ACRONYM Activity: 1 of 2


Best suited for all beginning nursing students. Help your students decipher the numerous acronyms that they will encounter in the clinical setting when contextualized with FOUR patient care scenarios!

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Prepare your students for practice by helping them to decipher the numerous acronyms they will encounter once they began to review charts in the clinical setting.

This critical thinking activity has four concise patient care scenarios that are filled with relevant acronyms.

Have students work in small groups to identify the meaning of every medical abbreviation without using any other resource including the internet.

One of the acronym scenarios begins…

Ms. Richards is s/p R TKA, POD #2. She had a JP drain placed in the OR. She was also here last year after a L hip fx and ORIF, complicated by an infection that required I&D. Ms. Richards is tolerating the CPM, she is supposed to use it for 30 min TID.

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