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COVID-19 Case Studies and Resources

Because this pandemic is ever-evolving in how nurses are caring for patients, KeithRN is offering new case studies and resources for nurse educators to help students learn from this crisis as it unfolds.


SKINNY Reasoning (short/concise)

W/ answer key to simulate current practice realities in your class or online clinical replacement activity.

UNFOLDING Reasoning ED Presentation

Unfolds practice realities related to the COVID-19 pandemic with a patient who presents to the ED.


SKINNY Reasoning Med/Surg-Change of Status

Captures the unique challenges to nurses who must provide care to those who are infected.

UNFOLDING Reasoning Med/Surg-Change of Status

Complexity and length is enhanced. Can be used as a clinical make-up assignment!


SKINNY Reasoning Transfer to ICU/Intubated

Our patient goes into acute resp. failure and emergently transferred to ICU.

UNFOLDING Reasoning Transfer to ICU/Intubated

Complexity and length is enhanced. Can be used as a clinical make-up assignment!


COVID-19 Community/Public Health (Part IV)

Contextualize community/public health content with this real-world scenario derived from the current pandemic.

Clinical Dilemma: COVID-19 Practice Dilemmas-Part I

This salient case study highlight the ethical dilemmas present caring during a pandemic crisis.

Clinical Dilemma: COIVD-19 Practice Dilemmas-Part II

This salient case study highlights the ethical dilemmas of not allowing family to visit the patient.

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