Series of THREE Concise case studies.

  • These three smaller case studies or “steps” have the same scenario, but emphasize a different aspect of how a nurse thinks in the clinical setting.
  • Each case study stands alone on its own merits, but student learning will be strengthened when all three case studies are used together.
  • The subtopic in caps is the exemplar CONCEPT for that case study
  • Each topic contains three separate case studies with each topic:

Case Study/Step #1: Recognize RELEVANCE and PRIORITIES
Emphasizes the essence of clinical reasoning and the importance of identifying and interpreting RELEVANT clinical data of the initial scenario, VS, assessment, and labs to establish the correct nursing priority.

Case Study/STEP #2: Recognize Clinical RELATIONSHIPS.
Builds on the essence of clinical reasoning by emphasizing the nurse thinking skill of recognizing clinical relationships. These relationships include in part, the RELATIONSHIP of the past medical history and current medications, the RELATIONSHIP between RELEVANT present problem data and the primary medical problem and four more that students must know!

Case Study/STEP #3: Care Like a Nurse by Providing Holistic Care.
Emphasizes the importance of holistic care and the relevance of the “art” of nursing by addressing psychosocial priorities and how caring, empathy, engagement, therapeutic communication can be utilized to provide holistic care.

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