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This workshop is a full day presentation (5.5 hours content) that incorporates hands on strategies to implement the paradigm changes that are required to radically transform nursing education based on the work of Patricia Benner and her co-authors in Educating Nurses: A Call for Radical Transformation.

These paradigm changes include the need to contextualize theory content to the bedside so students can see why it is relevant, greater integration of classroom and clinical education, and emphasis of clinical reasoning throughout the curriculum. Practical tools that the presenter has created and successfully used in his program to make transformation not only attainable but possible will be provided so that each participant can make transformational change to their program as well!

An emphasis of the most important content/concepts to nursing education will be situated so educators are able to more effectively guide student learning to what clinical data is most relevant and clinically significant so students can readily transfer learning to the bedside!



  1. Apply the foundational paradigm changes for nursing education advocated by Patricia Benner in “Educating Nurses” in both the classroom and clinical settings.
  2. Identify the components of the “living house” that situate the professional development of every nursing student.
  3. Construct your own clinical reasoning case study based on a template provided by the presenter.
  4. Describe how Kristen Swanson’s caring theory can be situated to promote caring behaviors by nursing students in the clinical setting.
  5. Apply clinical reasoning in student’s clinical paperwork and an alternative clinical assignment.
  6. Identify principles that will maximize learning in the clinical setting for students.