Clinical reasoning is the ability of the nurse to THINK in ACTION and reason as a situation changes over time by capturing and UNDERSTANDING the significance of clinical trajectories.
Educating Nurses: A Call for Radical Transformation

Incorporating clinical reasoning in nursing education is much more than a needed pedagogy change, it can be a matter of life and death! When a nurse in practice fails to rescue a patient with a change in status such as sepsis, the consequence could be a preventable patient death. Therefore, there must be a sense of urgency to effectively situate this needed emphasis especially in the clinical setting where it can be easily “caught” when it is “taught” by faculty.

As a practicing nurse and nurse educator, I have created numerous handouts that situate clinical reasoning within the clinical setting. These resources have been “field tested” by my students and revised and improved to promote your learning!

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1. Clinical Reasoning Questions To Develop Nurse Thinking: My most popular download! This essential template of nurse thinking breaks down clinical reasoning step by step so you can completely understand and APPLY it to practice
Comprehending Cardiac Medications handout: Strengthen your mastery of cardiac meds and pharmacology. How do the most common cardiac medications impact this patho formula? CO=SVxHR. This worksheet will tell you how!
3. Sepsis: Unfolding Reasoning Clinical Reasoning Case Study
4. THINK Like a Nurse! Practical Preparation for Professional Practice: Preview the preface, foreword, and introduction of my new book. Available for purchase only on KeithRN.
5. For Your Joy by John Piper: This is the only resource I did not write, but is the most important. Lasting joy cannot come from what we do, but who we know…


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