This eBook is available only to those who subscribe to my weekly blog/updates. Because this resource is founded on the Carnegie Foundation’s educational research presented in Educating Nurses: A Call for Radical Transformation, it represents educational best practice and its implications to nurtsing education implemented and embraced.

7 Steps to Transform Nursing Education contains the steps of my journey as a nurse educator who decided to embrace the transformational changes advocated in Educating Nurses. I have outlined 7 practical steps that I have found effective to implement needed change. If you too recognize the need to do things differently to prepare todays students for professional practice, this short eBook will empower you to become a TRANSFORMATIONAL nurse educator!

In addition to this eBook, my website is a resource filled with practical tools to serve your needs in nursing education that emphasize clinical reasoning as “nurse thinking” to better prepare students for professional practice. I am a partner with you in this battle for needed transformational change!

Do NOT just read this eBook, but put it into practice! I am responsive to email and to any questions you may have as you take these 7 steps to be the change in your program!

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7 Steps to TRANSFORM Nursing Education