Are your students stressed and overwhelmed with the amount of content they are expected to know and understand?

Do you struggle to ENGAGE them in your classroom?

Do students struggle to transfer knowledge from the class to the clinical setting and THINK like a nurse?

If this is your lived reality, you are not alone. Your struggle is common to nurse educators.

Nursing school is hard, but the way that it is taught is disengaged from practice.

I learned this first hand when as an experienced nurse with 25 years of clinical experience in a wide variety of clinical settings, I pursued my passion to teach and became a nurse educator in 2007.

I quickly discovered that the academic-practice gap is alive and well and needs to be bridged to better prepare students for practice!

Trouble in Paradise

As a new nurse educator, I was dissatisfied and questioned the traditional way of teaching nursing because it was disconnected from practice.

Examples of my discontent included:

  • TMI. The content load that students are expected to know and understand was unrealistic. As a result they did not acquire the DEEP learning of what was MOST important.
  • Emphasis on NANDA nursing diagnostic statements and written care plans in clinical that do not capture the essence of how a nurse thinks in practice.
  • Emphasis on passing the next test or the NCLEX after graduation, but not the practical skills needed to prepare students for the challenges of real-world clinical practice including multiple patient assignments.

How I Can Help You

I developed numerous tools and case studies that emphasized the nurse thinking skill of clinical reasoning for my students. They were successfully road tested in my class and clinical settings.

I have taken these same resources and made them available on my website.

They have helped educators teach their students to think like a nurse. They can also help you.

To get you started, I have the following steps that you can take today to strengthen student learning in your program.

See for yourself how my practical approach to teaching nursing can help. Click the links below to get started.

SEVEN Steps to Success

Step #1: Download “Clinical Reasoning Questions to Develop Nurse Thinking”

  • This handout breaks down the nurse thinking skill of clinical reasoning step-by-step so you can help your students THINK more like a nurse.
  • Download clinical reasoning handout

Step #2: Subscribe to my YouTube channel THINK Like a Nurse

Step #3: Download complementary sepsis clinical reasoning case study

Step #4: Practice nurse thinking with additional case study topics

  • Bring meaningful active learning to your classroom with 30+ topics that will ENGAGE students and help them put it all together to think more like a nurse!
  • Get case studies…

Step #5: Get THINK Like a Nurse: Practical Preparation for Professional Practice

  • Students found this book to be a helpful resource because it helped them focus on what content was most important and teach them how to think more like a nurse!
  • Check out the reviews of THINK Like a Nurse from students and educators on Amazon, but come back to get the best price on my website!
  • See for yourself why programs across the country have successfully adopted this textbook to strengthen student nurse thinking!
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Step #6: Get TEACH Students to THINK Like a Nurse: Transformational Strategies that will Prepare Students for Practice

  • In order to strengthen student learning, you don’t need to change your curriculum; simply change the way you teach! This book is filled with practical strategies to help students THINK like a nurse by emphasizing clinical reasoning in the class and clinical settings!
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Step #7: Subscribe to all-inclusive membership site-annual subscription

  • Save hours of valuable time each month by obtaining access to EVERY case study (30+ topics-over 140 case studies) with webinars that teach you how to successfully use!
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