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*12 Clinical Reasoning Questions To Develop Nurse Thinking

My most popular tool and download! I have broken down clinical reasoning in 12 sequential steps that mirrors how nurses think in clinical practice regardless of the setting. This tool can replace a traditional care plan!

*Sepsis Clinical Reasoning Case Studies (bundle of 3)

I have created three complementary levels (Fundamental-Rapid-Unfolding Reasoning) that use the same scenario, but gradually increase in complexity. Fully developed with blank student version and answer key.

 Clinical Dilemma Case Study: Anxiety or Spiritual Distress

Although caring, compassion, and ethical decision-making are expected of the professional nurse, this emphasis is often left to chance in the curriculum. Use these unique case studies to develop the “art” of nursing in your students!

This case study emphasizes the importance of spiritual care and how the nurse can respond to a patient in spiritual distress.

EDUCATOR TEXT: TEACH Students to THINK Like a Nurse…availabale Spring/Summer 2017!

Get the table of contents, intro and preface to see how this resource could transform your class and clinical settings!

Educators need to change the way they think about teaching to engage students and strengthen learning.

TRANSFORMING Classroom & Clinical Teaching provides practical strategies to help educators integrate clinical reasoning and TOOLS to help students think more like a nurse!

STUDENT TEXT: *Table of Contents & Intro to THINK Like a Nurse (2nd ed.)

I wrote THINK like a Nurse! to help students transition successfully to real world e-book-cover2015practice by identifying essential content that must be mastered and how to strengthen their ability to clinically reason.

Completely revised 2nd ed. with new content on how to thrive as a student, time management, communicate effectively with physicians and more! Now available!

I currently have programs across the country that have adopted as a supplemental text for students. Contact me for volume discounts!

*FYI…My YouTube Channel: THINK like a Nurse

I currently have over 40 videos that include a wide variety of topics related to clinical reasoning and presentations of my active learning tools.

My YouTube channel is THINK Like a Nurse

*For Your Joy

Transforming nursing education is good, but personal transformation is even better! See for yourself how God has made it possible for this to become a reality in your life! For Your Joy was written by John Piper, founder of the international ministry Desiring God.