The inspiration for my resources are derived from my 30 years of clinical practice in a wide variety of high stakes settings including ED and ICU and being a nurse educator who never left the bedside.

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1. Clinical Reasoning Questions To Develop Nurse Thinking: JUST REVISED 7/2014! My most popular download! This essential template of nurse thinking breaks down clinical reasoning step by step. Use this instead of a traditional care plan and you may never go back!
2. Sepsis: Fundamental Reasoning Clinical Reasoning Case Study: Clinical Reasoning Case Studies that allow students to PRACTICE nurse thinking! Complete with blank student copy and fully developed answer key.
3. Sepsis: Rapid Reasoning Clinical Reasoning Case Study
4. Sepsis: Unfolding Reasoning Clinical Reasoning Case Study
5. Fundamental Reasoning TEMPLATE: 
TEMPLATES to Build Your Own Clinical Reasoning Case Studies (Word doc. so you can modify!)
6. Rapid Reasoning TEMPLATE-REVISED 7/2014
7. Unfolding Reasoning TEMPLATE-REVISED 7/2014
8. THINK Like a Nurse! Practical Preparation for Professional Practice: 
Preview the preface, foreword, and introduction of my new book. Available for purchase only on KeithRN.
9. Declaration to Transform Nursing Education: sign this doc. & declare to BE THE TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE in your department!
10. For Your Joy by John Piper: This is the only resource I did not write, but is the most important. Lasting joy cannot come from what we do, but who we know…

FACULTY: KeithRN Complete-ALL 21 Clinical Reasoning Resources
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11. Comprehending Cardiac Medications:If your students struggle with understanding cardiac meds DEEPLY, this handout will make a difference!
12. Clinical lab Values and Nursing Responsibilities: Will help students develop a plan of care around relevant abnormal lab values. I call this “Lab planning” and is a needed “nurse thinking” skill that must be practiced
13. “Lab Planning” Lab Tests That Must Be Mastered: Worksheet to make it simple to incorporate ”lab planning” into clinical practice
14. Most Common Categories of Medications: Summary of meds used in practice with basic responsibilities grouped according to pharm classifications
15. Medications to Master:Simplified med prep of five foundational questions that must be understood BEFORE you administer any medication
16. Professional Responsibilities as a Student Nurse: What does professional behavior look like in practice? Check out this checklist and see how your students are doing!
17. Clinical Worksheet: Patient Preparation: Use in second level or summative clinical to SIMPLIFY clinical data collection for your students!
18. Article–Think Like a Nurse: Transforming Nursing Education So Our Graduates are Prepared for Professional Practice: Practical Guide to transform your classroom with an emphasis on clinical reasoning!
19. Article–Care Like a Nurse: Developing the “Art” of Nursing in Our Students: Practical guide to get caring on the radar screen of your students!
. Handout-Developing a Plan of Intentional CaringUse this to develop caring behaviors in the clinical setting. See “Teaching Caring” for further information.
21. Alternative Clinical Assignment to Patient Care: Too many students in clinical or desire to promote DEEP nurse  thinking? This was done in groups of two & took 4-6 hours to complete!

FACULTY: KeithRN Complete-ALL 21 Clinical Reasoning Resources!

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