Here is your free clinical dilemma case study “Anxiety or Spiritual Distress” that integrates clinical reasoning as well as the “art” of nursing that includes caring, nurse presence, spiritual care, and ethical/professional behavior.

This case study includes a two page blank student version as well as a fully developed answer key.

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I have also included in this download a list of almost 30 articles from the literature on the “art” of nursing that will deepen your understanding of the “art” of nursing and can also be used with your students to integrate in class or clinical.

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I also have 14 additional clinical dilemma topics under the following four themes:

  • Patient dilemmas
    • How should the nurse respond when their patient is anxious, lost hope, spiritual crisis or possible drug seeking behavior?
  • Treatment dilemmas
    • How to support a patient when facing end of life and needs to choose between hospice/comfort care and aggressive medical management
  • Ethical dilemmas
    • What to do when family members are in disagreement with code status or concern of medical futility
  • Nurse dilemmas
    • How to address incivility in practice and academia as well as student burnout

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