This level is best suited for the ADVANCED student. 

UNFOLDING Reasoning includes the initial scenario in RAPID reasoning but then keeps going with an “unfolding” evaluation and change of status that must be recognized just like sim!

Makes an excellent clinical make-up assignment due to its length and complexity!

Key Components:
1. Developing Nurse Thinking by Identifying Clinical Relevance/Significance.

*Identify clinically significant data from the history of present problem and lab results.
2. Nurse Collected Clinical Data.
*Identify clinically significant data from VS and nursing assessment.
3. Developing Nurse Thinking by Practicing Clinical Reasoning.
*Uses my unique template of 12 sequential questions that develop nurse thinking.
3. Developing Nurse Thinking by Identifying PRIORITIES.
*Identify nursing and patient education priorities as well as prioritize several orders in the correct sequence.
4. Developing Nurse Thinking by APPLICATION of the Applied Sciences.
*Develop a plan of care around a relevant lab value.
5. Evaluate Effectiveness of Nursing Interventions.
*Correctly interpret clinical data. Has patient improved or is there a need to rescue?
6. Practice Collaborative Communication.
*SBAR report must be given to physician or nurse
7. Caring and the “Art” of Nursing.
*Reflective questions to encourage empathy, engagement, and caring

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