“To transform nursing education and meet the current and future needs of the clinical environment, innovative methods of teaching and learning are required NOW.”

–Marsha Howell Adams, President of the National League for Nursing

Skinny Cow is a line of rich chocolate treats that do not sacrifice taste, but do so with less calories and fat.

In that same spirit, I have created a new line of clinical reasoning case studies titled SKINNY Reasoning.

Can you carve out fifteen minutes in your classroom or post-conference clinical? I know you can!

Use SKINNY Reasoning to bring ACTIVE learning that will ENGAGE your students and help them to THINK more like a nurse!

Each SKINNY Reasoning case study has the same richness and fullness of my three levels of fully-developed clinical reasoning case studies (Fundamental-Rapid-Unfolding) but is half the length!

Educators are saying…

“Keith’s clinical reasoning case studies really helped my students to identify relevant data, make connections and recognize nursing priorities.”

Karen Oostra, RN, MSN, Grande Prairie Regional College, Alberta, Canada

Students are saying…

“Your clinical reasoning case studies make it clear how clinical information fits all together!”
Jennifer Bocek, SN

Practice Nurse Thinking

When any new skill is taught such as sterile technique, students must repeatedly practice in order to become proficient. THINKING like a nurse is the most important skill a student must acquire and this too requires PRACTICE in order to be developed and strengthened.

My unique clinical reasoning case studies provide an opportunity to safely PRACTICE nurse thinking. If relevant data is missed and an incorrect judgments is made, like simulation, nobody gets hurt but  guided reflection can strengthen clinical decision making in the future.

Key Components of SKINNY Reasoning

Each SKINNY Reasoning case study allows students to PRACTICE the essence of nurse thinking by using a salient scenario to:

  • Identify RELEVANT clinical data and why it’s important
  • Identify RELEVANT lab values are and why they deserve attention
  • Identify the nursing PRIORITY and resultant plan of care
  • State the rationale for medical management and expected outcomes

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What You Get with SKINNY Reasoning

Each case study is $10 and comes complete with:

  • Blank student version (PDF doc)
  • Fully developed answer key written in a conversational tone drawn from my extensive clinical experience and professional resources (PDF doc)
  • FREE supplemental faculty users guide, SBAR template, and supplemental questions for concept-based curriculum

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