START HERE! These case studies are short-n-sweet and take only 20″ to complete!

Skinny Cow is a product line of rich chocolate treats with less calories and fat. In that same spirit, I have created case studies titled SKINNY Reasoning that are 1/2 the length of my FUNDAMENTAL, RAPID, and UNFOLDING levels of case studies, yet pack a  learning punch!

TWO Parts (each only 2 p.) but addresses 7 of the 8 client need categories of the NCLEX® Safety and Infection Control is the only category not directly addressed.

PART I: Identify RELEVANT clinical data:

1. Opening scenario
2. Social history
3. Vital signs
4. Nursing assessment
5. Lab values and radiology results

PART II: Put it all together and THINK Like a Nurse

1. Identify primary problem and state pathophysiology in OWN word
2. Medical Management. Identify rationale and expected outcomes with medical plan of care
3. Identify nursing priority and plan of care
4. Identify psychosocial/holistic care priorities
5. Identify practical ways to empathize and engage with the patient to communicate caring

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Download a complementary case study on sepsis/urosepsis!


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