This level is best suited for basic med/surg or first year nursing students.

Builds on FUNDAMENTAL Reasoning and SKINNY Reasoning by incorporating the essence of my practice-based model of clinical reasoning that captures how a nurse thinks in practice in a logical and sequential framework.

Key Components:

  1. Developing Nurse Thinking by Identifying Clinical Relevance/Significance.
    *Identify clinically significant data from history of present problem and lab results
  2. Nurse Collected Clinical Data.
    *Identify clinically significant data from VS and nursing assessment.
  3. Developing Nurse Thinking by Practicing Clinical Reasoning.
    *Uses my unique template of 12 sequential questions that develop nurse thinking.
  4. Developing Nurse Thinking by Identifying PRIORITIES.
    *Identify nursing and patient education priorities as well as prioritize several orders in the correct sequence.
  5. Developing Nurse Thinking by APPLICATION of the Applied Sciences.
    *Develop a plan of care around a relevant lab value.
  6. Caring & the “Art” of Nursing.
    *Reflective questions to encourage empathy, engagement, and caring

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