Sepsis is widely prevalent and very deadly! In the US there are over 750,000 adult and 400,000 pediatric cases annually with a mortality as high as 35 percent. EARLY RECOGNITION by the nurse can make the difference between life and death! Delayed recognition of only 1 hour correlates to a higher liklihood of patient death. As a circulating/rapid response nurse I have witnessed the tragic consequences when sepsis goes unrecognized because the nurse failed to rescue until it was too late. In response to the ever increasing prevalence of sepsis and need to promote NURSE THINKING on this deadly syndrome, I am making each of the 3 levels of my clinical reasoning case studies available to any educator or student for FREE!

This is clinical scenario for each case study:
History of Present Problem: Jean Kelly is an 82-year-old woman who has been feeling more fatigued for the last three days and has had a fever the last twenty-four hours. She reports painful, burning sensation when she urinates as well as frequency of urination the last week. It has been >90 degrees this past week. She usually drinks 2-3 glasses of liquid a day and a cup of tea. Her daughter became concerned and brought her to the emergency department (ED) when she did not know what day it was. She is mentally alert with no history of confusion.

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