“Caring practices are central to nursing. What it is to nurse cannot be separated from what it is to care for and about others.”
–Christine A. Tanner, PhD, RN, FAAN

Nursing is both a science and an art. Caring behaviors and nurse engagement improve patient outcomes (Swanson, 1999).

New nurses are often confronted with clinical dilemmas that they didn’t learn about in nursing school – caring for a patient who holds different religious beliefs, or dealing with a family who has difficulty accepting the patient’s prognosis.

Caring gives nurses a heightened sense of awareness. It guides the evaluation of nursing interventions and recognizes subtle changes in the patient’s condition.

Though caring, compassion, and spiritual care are basic to holistic nursing practice, these “soft skills” are not easily taught and haven’t been emphasized in the nursing curriculum.

Can the “Art” of Nursing Be Taught?

Case studies are a powerful tool to connect nursing textbook content to real-life practice. How should the nurse therapeutically respond to a patient who is dying and has lost hope, or advocate for a patient whose end-of-life wishes are not being honored by family?

Case studies that present these ethical and moral dilemmas and allow students to PRACTICE the ethical aspect of the profession can be an effective tool to teach the importance and relevance of the “art” of nursing practice.

My Story

Though there are case studies on the most common med/surg topics from nursing publishers, there was little to nothing on the ethical and moral dilemmas that nurses will encounter after graduation.

I am a seasoned, practicing nurse. As a nurse educator, I decided to create my own case studies and share them so you, too, can better prepare your students for this aspect of professional practice! They are based on my current clinical experiences.

 “This powerful collection of clinical reasoning case studies contextualize clinical dilemmas and is a needed resource to teach the art of nursing.”
Barbara Hill, RN, MSN, CNE, CMSRN, Associate Professor
Community College of Baltimore County, Baltimore, Maryland

How to Make the “Art” of Nursing pART of Your Curriculum!

Clinical Dilemmas is a BRAND-NEW series of case studies that emphasize the importance of the “art” or ethical component of the nursing profession.

Each study integrates aspects of caring, spiritual care, nurse engagement/presence, and ethical decision making and its relevance to nursing practice.

I have situated the most common themes of dilemmas in salient scenarios.

Four Categories of Dilemmas

  1. PATIENT dilemmas. How should the nurse respond when their patient is anxious, has lost hope, is in spiritual crisis or exhibits possible drug-seeking behavior?
  2. TREATMENT dilemmas. How to support a patient who is facing the end of life and needs to choose between hospice/comfort care and aggressive medical management.
  3. ETHICAL dilemmas. What to do when the patient’s family members disagree with code status or the concern of medical futility.
  4. NURSE dilemmas. How to address incivility in practice and academia as well as student burnout.

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What You Get With Clinical Dilemmas

I have intentionally made these activities short (2 pages) so they can be completed in 15-20 minutes. They can be easily integrated as an active learning tool in the classroom or clinical post-conference settings.

Each case study is $20 and comes complete with:

  • Blank student version (PDF doc) that can be posted electronically
  • Fully developed answer key (PDF doc) for faculty that will serve as a guide to student dialogue

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It’s Decision Time

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