Are you ready to bring active and transformational learning to your classroom but are still not sure which clinical reasoning case study to purchase?

No problem!
I have created three distinct yet complementary levels of my unique clinical reasoning case studies.

Each level has the same clinical scenario, but becomes progressive in their complexity:

  1. Fundamental Reasoning: The most basic level. Emphasizes the applied sciences of pharm, F&E, identifying RELEVANT clinical data, and focuses on care planning and nursing process.
  2. Rapid Reasoning: Includes the essence of Fundamental Reasoning, but adds my template of 12 sequential clinical reasoning questions that allow students to practice “nurse thinking” in a sequential, step-by-step approach.
  3. Unfolding Reasoning: Includes all aspects of Rapid Reasoning but adds an evaluation component with a clinical change of status that must be identified so the patient is safely “rescued”.

If purchased separately, these 3 case studies would retail for $60.

But with this special, get all three levels of case studies in a 3-for-1 bundle. It is discounted 50%…only $30!

Each case study purchased gives the educator the right to use/post for their INDIVIDUAL use. Please purchase a site license to share this case study with other members in your department.

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See for yourself how each distinct level of my clinical reasoning case studies teach nurse thinking in this bundle.

Get a FREE fully developed FUNDAMENTAL, RAPID, and UNFOLDING Reasoning sepsis case study and other practical clinical reasoning tools!


Each case study bundle comes complete with:

  • Blank student version (PDF doc)
  • Fully developed answer key written in a conversational tone drawn from my extensive clinical experience and professional resources (PDF doc.)
  • Summary of CONCEPTS, CONTENT, and NCLEX Client Need categories! (PDF doc)

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